Flensby & Partners now introduces Organizational Excellence (OE) in Sweden.

Executive Search and Assessment is already offered by several companies, but few have gone the whole way and linked the latter to a company's specific strategy. The OE process helps companies to assess their current skills in the management team compared to those needed in future to execute the company's strategy.

"The right person in the right place at the right time, that's nothing new," says Morten Winther, CCO & Partner, Flensby & Partners. "But it is important to have a well-developed method, and a qualified process to actually get there".

Nobia, Europe’s leading kitchen specialist, has made a very successful "turn around" in recent years. At Flensby & Partners’ breakfast seminar at Stockholm Waterfront on March 15:th, directed specifically at HR managers, Executives and Directors, Nobia’s CEO Morten Falkenberg will share his experiences of the company’s journey from "Mid to Large Cap".

Sys Spogard, Ass. Partner & Business Psychologist at Flensby & Partners, will talk about the OE process and how to realize the strategy through methodical analysis of strategy and competencies linked to the long-term goals.

For more information, please contact:

Morten Winther, CCO, Flensby & Partners
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