Mid December Flensby & Partners Norway organized a breakfast seminar under the heading:

"How to create a digital culture, and how to get the Board and Management to collaborate on these matters"

According to a recent survey amongst 500 leaders in various industries conducted by the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten and the market survey company Opinion, nine out of ten leaders in Norwegian companies believe that technological developments will entail major challenges for Norway in the years to come. At the same time only two percent believe that their core business and profitability will be unfavourably affected.

"Most of our customers have digitization high up on their priority agenda, and they have taken into account that digitalization is changing the customer behaviour and brings about new services and business models. However, many are in need of input on how to push through the changes that this entails. In other words, this is not primarily a matter of technology, but rather a subject involving people who possess the right skills, expertise and personal qualities to make this happen", says Marit Kamark, Partner, Flensby & Partners Norway.

Hans-Peter Daae, Innovation Director Posten Norway, highlighted the theme from an administration's standpoint, while Tine Wollebekk, SVP Financial Services, Telenor, and a non-executive director of Gjensidige, represented a Board-members point of view.

The feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive. One participant summed up the morning as follows:

"Thank you for a good breakfast meeting with interesting view-points. It warmed my heart that Tine from Telenor advocated that digitization really is about the customer, and of bringing the customer's perspective into the Boardroom. I believe that this is often overlooked, and one tends to focus on other things, but as we learned within the hotel industry "the guest is king".

Here some of the key learning points from the presentations held:

  • Digitization challenges our traditional mindset and logic as we go from noun to verb, "we do not need a bank, but we need funding"
  • It is not about a digital strategy, but a strategy in a digital world
  • Digitization must be anchored within line management, and those seated close to the "day-to-day business"
  • Digitization is not only about technology, but rather about what is best for the customer
  • Digitization must be driven as a holistic transformation
  • Changes must be anchored right at the very top; bring the customer into the boardroom!

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