At Flensby & Partners we are passionate about having the right leadership team on board in order to maximise the execution power on a strategy. Below, you will find insights as to how we conducted a recent assessment process that had this specific focus.

The challenge

Our client, a leading utility company, faced the need to build up a brand-new organization that should form the basis for the creation of a long-term sustainable growth case. Thus, the group needed to formulate a revised strategy, and to ensure that this strategy could yield the defined results, the group needed an external evaluation of the management competencies of the top management group. This should ensure the necessary competencies – professional as well as personal – to create profitable growth in the company.

Our approach

We started the process with a number of meetings with the top management to identify the company’s vision and strategy, and to gain an overview of which competencies were required for the company to execute its strategy. We then scrutinized the company’s management philosophy – its values and its positions – to get a crystal-clear image of the company culture. In addition to this, a review of the vision and strategy was essential to the process as we concluded which competencies to assess based on the outcome of this. In the process, tools such as personality tests and 360-degree analysis involving management, management colleagues and employees were vital since they provided a snapshot of the company. We supplemented the tests with personal interviews in which the core competencies that were identified in the review of the vision and the strategy were evaluated in relation to each member. Moreover, we went over subjects such as strategy understanding, ability to execute and management potential at each interview. Based on this insight, a tailormade development plan for each individual member was established, containing unique points of development and strength. Since this was a group assessment, we subsequently made a team assessment with focus on four dimensions: A strategy dimension, a communication dimension, a people dimension, and an operation dimension. From this, the group obtained a clear image of the strongholds and development areas of the entire team. We thus provided a clear insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the team and a plan was made for how both each member should develop but also where the team should focus to perform best possible.

The result

The result has been a strengthened management with insight into individual as well as common points of strengths and development in relation to their management role. The process has contributed to creating trust among the management team members and a better understanding of the management’s strategic contribution and cross-disciplinary areas of responsibility that are important to the cultural roots, the cooperation and the communication in the entire organization. The client will now be able to use our assessment as basis for their further management training.

It is important for the optimum result of the process to continuously following up on the individual and the team developing according to the agreed plans. Therefore, we will have follow-up interviews 6 months from the end of the project and after one year we will make a new assessment to determine how well each member and the team as a whole have developed according to the agreed plans.

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