The Fifty Fifty report was officially handed over to the Minister of Children and Equality at a Conference in Oslo, April 24th

The lack of female leaders in the corporate world is the subject of constant debate, but there are few concrete actions to address it! In 2017, 12 of Norway’s largest organisations decided to tackle this issue together.

The programme – named Fifty Fifty - has brought together women from some of the largest companies in Norway with the common aim of articulating and developing actions and goals for successfully recruiting a larger number of female leaders to higher leadership positions.

The Nordic insurance company Storebrand, together with AFF - The Administrative Research Institute at the Norwegian School of Economics, has been responsible for organising and developing the programme. Flensby & Partners has contributed by offering counselling and individual assessments for leadership candidates participating in the programme.

Fifty Fifty has focused on how women can strengthen their leadership profile, what experiences they should seek in order to successfully land higher positions, and whether there are structural obstacles on their way to the top.

The final report on the programme contains a list of actions addressing issues at individual, corporate, and societal level.

Through in-depth interviews with 70 potential female leaders, Flensby & Partners possess a unique insight into the issue.

“At Flensby and Partners we are extremely proud that Storebrand and AFF chose us as a partner to run the assessment part of this important project” states Partner Marit B. Kamark. “We see a lot of untapped female talent in the market place. One of our key findings in the report is that women underestimate the value of being well-connected and thereby utilizing corporate visibility. Furthermore, women need to focus on the importance of advocating own achievements” she adds.

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Too see the full report, please visit: Fifty Fifty Report

Photo: The Minister of Children and Equality; Linda Hofstad Helleland (left) receives the Fifty Fifty report at a Conference in Oslo, April 24th from Tove Selnes, HR Director Storebrand, and Beate Karlsen, Programme director AFF (right)