Leadership Career Perspective

Gain insight into your career opportunities

Insight into your professional skills, personal and management skills and into the factors that drive your ambitions provides the optimum conditions for a successful career.

The purpose of Leadership Career Perspective is to empower the candidate to be able to seize and manage upcoming career opportunities. We offer a structured competence identification and career advice process in which we identify the candidate's strengths and development areas on an objective and insightful basis. The process identifies and clarifies the candidate's competitive advantages in relation to other candidates at the same professional and managerial level. The process will enable the candidate to direct his/her career plan towards the field in which their professional and personal competences have the greatest chance of success.

The process is therefore designed to create a greater level of self-awareness for the candidates and strengthen their ability to market themselves in a work context and in a recruitment process. Candidates will also be entered in Flensby & Partners’ database as part of relevant search processes.

Our Leadership Career Perspective is always customised to the individual needs of candidates and typically contains the following elements:



Identifying professional competences and performance level

The candidate's management knowledge and experience are identified through dialogue and interview with one of our experienced partners. The information is used to identify the candidate’s professional competence and performance level. Their educational background and qualifications are also assessed in relation to the group of relevant candidates which the partner otherwise meets on the market. Dialogue and interview form the basis of our overall analysis and recommendation of career paths and opportunities.


Identification of personal competences, preferences and potential level

We use psychometric testing to identify the candidate's personal competences in dialogue and interview with one of our business psychologists. The psychometric test and interview form the basis of our evaluation of the possible career paths for which the candidate shows the greatest potential.
We customise psychometric testing, which incorporates: Personality test (OPQ32r), Motivational analysis 360 degree evaluation or 110 degree evaluation plus the most common ability tests (verbal/numeric/inductive).

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Carrier perspectives

On the basis of interviews and identification of professional and personal competences, we provide complete feedback and perspectives on relevant career paths. In dialogue with the candidate, specific initiatives are developed that are designed to help realise career prospects.


Coaching with an experienced partner

Once career perspectives have been identified, candidates are offered subsequent coaching with a partner and/or business psychologist. The coaching is intended to support the candidate in the subsequent process, e.g. in relation to specific job opportunities, preparation for job interviews, making the right decisions concerning choice of career and other career-option problems.

The number of coaching sessions with a partner/business psychologist and the duration of the entire process depend on individual needs and may be urgent or a planned activity. We always customise the process to individual requirements.

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