Management & Organisational Review

Evaluation and development of your (future) portfolio company

Is your company considering acquisition, about to undergo due diligence or wondering whether your portfolio companies can achieve their targets?

As part of a Management & Organisational Review we investigate whether the management of the company has the right competences and organisational skills to drive and execute the strategy and create the necessary value for the owners. It is often the case that the strategy is the right one, but is yet to be realised due to lack of competences (i.e. lack of power of execution).

The result is a list of prioritised recommendations, organised into clear themes to ensure the development of the company – through individual development or replacement within management, clarification of strategic must-wins, ensuring a healthy management process and structure with clear roles and responsibilities and/or alignment of the structure.

We have substantial experience in providing advisory services in connection with acquisition and sale of companies, and we are used to the tight deadlines they imply. We can scale our review within the confines of the time available, which is why you can choose between a concentrated process taking a few days or a thorough process taking 7 weeks. A typical process involves:



Organisational and stakeholder analysis

The analysis is designed to determine whether there are 'derailers' or 'enablers' in the organisational structure or among management resources. To ensure that our involvement creates as much value as possible, a brief initial analysis may be necessary. Our focus is on your company's strategic ambitions and challenges, including key industry-related factors and trends. We will perform stakeholder interviews where we typically interview investment managers, the chairman, CEO, CFO and other key resources complemented by thorough desk research.


Interviews and tests

Participants in the process will be interviewed based on psychometric testing. We will focus on the individual's personal and professional skills as well as future management potential. Questions will be raised to provide input to the structural analysis. The interviews will be conducted by an experienced partner with knowledge of the industry and possibly a business psychologist. If a shorter process is necessary, we will focus on the interview alone complemented by desk research on the individual manager.

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Assessment and reporting

The aim in this phase is to give a thorough overview of the competences the organisation possesses and needs. Our deliverables also provide insight into how the management group can realise its full potential, and whether there are certain competences which must either be developed internally or recruited to realise the strategic goals.

The overall result from tests and interviews gives us a very strong foundation and validity to pinpoint development areas and possibilities for individual managers and the overall management team.


Reporting on development themes and follow-up

Reporting can be performed for the purpose of providing the investment manager or chairman with insight and knowledge or can be extended to kick off development of the individual manager and management team to ensure more efficient execution in the future.

We can thus provide individual feedback sessions in which each manager receives personal results from our business psychologist so that their individual development journey can be initiated. Furthermore, it is possible to facilitate one or more workshops for the management, designed to highlight and develop key observations and development themes, e.g. within value-creating management behaviour, effective management processes or how a more agile and efficient organisational structure can be developed.

We always conclude such workshops by ensuring that the development themes are embedded in the organisation and that each participant knows how they can and must contribute to the ongoing development of his or her own leadership and the performance of the group and the organisation.

We recommend following up a major review with a brief follow-up session after 12 months to measure development and to ensure that the initiatives continue after we leave the company. This also allows us to discuss and focus on the continued organisational and management development of the company.

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