Leadership Potential Assessment

Do you need to identify new potential leaders, and map out competences and new possible careers for them? If you develop your talented co-workers, then you develop your business at the same.

Development, opportunities for learning, and challenges are the primary factors that keep talented co-workers in your business. Talents are often hidden until they disappear, and we can help you in finding them first.

If you don’t develop your talents, one of your competitors will. This is a fact. At the same time, it can be difficult to attract new talent to a business that others are leaving. Therefore, there are many that have used the Leadership Potential Assessment to get an overview over the potential that is available within the organization.

A Leadership Potential Assessment will both motivate and maintain your future potential leaders, as well as give them clear advice on how they best can take care of and maintain their own development. That way, they can realize their potential to their own benefit, as well as your company’s. We look for those who perform, as well as those who have potential to be the performers of the future.

The assessment can take place in a single department of your business, or several departments, as to give a thorough overview. Depending on how much of your talent you want to be assessed, the process can last between 2-8 weeks.



Organization and stakeholder analysis

The first step towards understanding what makes your place of business interesting, is being knowledgeable your strategic ambitions and what characterizes your unique organization, and place in the market. Thereafter, we will attempt to map-out your Management structure and values, to ensure a personal fit. The analysis will primarily be done through stakeholder interviews with keypersons, in, and outside, the organization, as well as thorough desk research.
The results are clear parameters for the following assessment, which will be discussed with you.


Interview, tests and assessments centers

Based on psycho-metric tests and a 360-degree analysis, the participants in the process will be interviewed by an organizational psychologist, as well as an experienced partner, who will evaluate their professional prerequisites, as well as their strategic understanding, executive power, and managerial capacities. Depending on your needs, there will be concrete action-leaning exercises, simulating real workplace situations, designed to reveal actual behavior. This phase is concentrated, so it lasts 2-3 days, depending on the number of participants.

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Individual debriefing and development planning

The sum of the results of the tests, interviews, and action-learning exercises, are the basis of the following reports. This gives an optimal insight into which strengths each participant shall use as leverage in his/her future development, and what they should be aware of in terms of securing their momentum in their continual development. There will be a debriefing for each participant, who will get feedback and sparring about his/her potential, as well as a dialogue about making a development plan, ensuring that they will realize their potential. Usually the HR will participate in this debriefing, so that they will be able to follow-up, advise, and measure the development. This ensures that you are given the full ownership and control over the following development, and of course the full value of our assessment.


Debriefing with charting of competences and potentials

To conclude, we will conduct a thorough and sharp debriefing, where we are focused on giving you a thorough overview over which management potentials- and competences are available to you. We will likewise give recommendations to how you can reach the full potential of your potential new leaders, and on which competences you can develop internally, or need to attain.

We recommend that 12 months after an assessment, you do a short follow-up process, to measure the development and ensure that it is continuing after we left your business, as well as focusing on the future development efforts.

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