Leadership Performance Assessment

Evaluation and development of your management team

The right management is one of the key criteria for achieving results; however, management must always be applied in interaction with others and is therefore difficult to define. The starting point is often that not everyone has the same level of ambition, that there is no uniform perception of what the strategy is intended to achieve or that roles, responsibilities and interaction within management are poorly defined.

Leadership Performance Assessment is based on the competences a management group needs to be able to execute its company's strategic ambitions. We then analyse to what extent the manager and team possess such competences and provide feedback individually and to the team on which areas they need to work to achieve the greatest effect.

Typical outcomes are the addition of competences, including the development of individual managers or recruitment; initiation of succession planning or talent management programmes and alignment of organisational and management structure.

The individual process will always be customised to your needs and can be carried out in 5-7 weeks, depending on the number of participants. The following outlines a typical process:



Organisational and stakeholder analysis

The first step in a successful LPA is to gain insight into your strategic ambitions and challenges, benchmark industry conditions and trends. We do this via stakeholder interviews where we typically interview board members, CEO, CFO and other key resources complemented by thorough desk research. The organisational criteria and management requirements are then analysed and clarified so that we can jointly identify the competences and management behaviour that are essential to ensure future success and performance.


Interviews and tests

Participants in the process will be interviewed twice based on psychometric testing and 360 degree analysis. The first interview is based on competences and is carried out by an organisational psychologist and project consultant. Subsequently, participants will be interviewed by a senior partner and project consultant to assess their skills level, strategic understanding, power of execution and managerial capacity.

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Assessment and reporting

The overall results from tests and interviews form the basis of our subsequent deliverables. The aim is to give a thorough overview of the competences the organisation has at its disposal. The reports also provide insight into how the management group can realise its full potential, and whether there are certain competences which must either be developed internally or obtained. Each manager participating in the process receives an individual report outlining their own core competences and areas in which they can strengthen and develop their management skills.


Reporting and follow-up.

Each manager is given an individual feedback session held by our business psychologist to explore the results and start them on their individual development programme. The management team also participates in a workshop, at which key observations and development themes are discussed and addressed. The objective is to create commitment and ensure ownership within the management group to ensure individual and general development of the group. We always complete the workshop by making sure that all development themes are embedded in the organisation and that the individual participant knows how to commit and contribute to the continued development of his or her own leadership as well as to the performance of the group and the organisation.

We recommend a short follow-up session 12 months after the LPA in order to assess the process, ensure continued development and focus on further development opportunities.

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