Organizational Assessment

Is your strategy the right one, but are you still not getting the results you wish for?

In an Organizational Assessment we make a process, tailor-made for your needs, in which we determine which structural prerequisites give you the key to an effective execution. During this process, we define design principles, for example, that your organization must be agile and measurable instead of exclusively focused on operation and unit costs.

The reasons for beginning a process with us could be when there is a need for cutting and optimization, or if growth needs to return to the agenda, as such shifts often require significant restructuring. We often see that an organization has grown inexpediently during times of growth or restructuring, thus making the management processes ineffective, roles and responsibilities unclear, resulting in a weakened executive power.

Our method is involving and centered on the customer, as to create maximal ownership of the results, as it will affect organizational structure, management structure, management processes, delivery-flow and governance, internally, as well towards the Board.

The result is oftentimes a re-structuring with significant savings-potential, which can increase revenue, or be used to improve quality or innovation.

We are significantly experienced in advising on structure in terms of large, medium-large, and even small businesses in all sorts of trades. But what is more important, is that the partner responsible for your process also has management experience related to your business.

The process can be done parallel to a Leadership Performance Assesment, insofar as it is deemed useful also to evaluate the Management, but it can also stand alone. A total process typically lasts 4-9 weeks, but can also be done through a single seminar or workshop concerning specific processes.



Organisation and stakeholder analysis

The first step towards reaching the structural prerequisites for execution is to understand your strategic ambitions and what characterizes your unique organization and position in the market. Comparing the two, we have a basis for knowing what can be improved.
There will be changes to the organizational structure, but this also affects the Management structure, as well as the Management processes, while at the same time keeping in mind that you are maintaining and strengthening your delivery-flow, whether you are in the IT sector or production of heavy machinery. The analysis is meant to give us an impression of where the most value can be made by focusing our effort, as well as which principles the new organization must be designed after, as to plan an effective road-map with you.


Status-meeting and design principles.

Based on the analysis and inputs from the stakeholders, we will during a meeting with you define and explain which design principles must be attended while making a blueprint of the new organization. Oftentimes, we will start off in the delivery-flow, as to make sure that you can deliver your products on time, and with the desired level of quality.


Design of structural blueprints

The point of the blueprints is to give you different options to consider so that you can be a part of choosing which structure best supports your business in reaching your strategic ambitions. During a couple of focused workshops, we will go into detail in terms of defining the inputs and outputs found in the delivery-flow, as well as which prerequisites each link in the chain has.

The phase will result in a small number of structural blueprints over the location of competences and responsibilities, based on the design principles, while ensuring that the managerial capacity and cooperation in the Management itself is able to function effectively.



When you have chosen a blueprint, we will sketch all layers of the new organizational structure, including roles and responsibilities, to the third level. Here, we will find optimization-gains and opportunities, and use them to create more agile processes, for example by minimizing redundance, reducing the number of levels of Management, or by consolidating and centralizing efforts in order to create synergy.



After communicating the structural changes and the plan of action to you, you will be capable of implanting the changes. We will of course be available, if you need sparring during this phase.

We always recommend to follow-up after 12 months, ensuring that you are realizing your gains.